18th August 2023

Safety for Kids!

Ireland-based publishing company Health & Safety Publications is in our good books since releasing their range of child-friendly health and safety stories.
The Sam and Sue Safety Series of books for children began when Health & Safety Publications director Marek Szepietowski was looking for fun books with a subtle safety message for his three young daughters. He couldn’t find anything to fit the bill, so he decided to produce them himself.
To ensure the right tone of voice for three- to nine-year-olds, Marek commissioned educational psychologist Ann Linehan to write the books, and illustrator Kamila Stankiewicz made them bright and engaging.
Accidental injuries are a leading cause of death and disability for children and young people. The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has called for improved, targeted education for children, young people and families on safety issues. Books and educational materials can provide a great start for opening conversations.
With titles covering stranger awareness, construction site safety and medical emergencies, the Sam and Sue stories are told in a positive way, with tips and discussion points for teachers and parents to ensure children fully understand the health and safety message.
Forthcoming titles cover water safety, fire safety and road safety. The company also plans to create health and safety-themed animations and games, to communicate health and safety awareness through a variety of resources.
Top tips for teaching children about safety
Keep it short and simple – if you talk for too long, children will lose interest
Stay positive – understanding consequences is important but don’t make it too scary! 
Communicate and collaborate – encourage them to ask questions and find out the answers together
Rehearse – play safety games and roleplay situations so they can try out what they’ve learned
Be up to date – reassess the risks they can face and teach them how to stay safe as they grow.
For more information on how to teach safety to children, see bit.ly/ROSPA-10-principles

Alex Lacey — Monday 3rd July 2023

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