25th April 2024

National Workplace Wellbeing Day

Wellbeing at Work has become an essential element in this era of profound change
and transformation. Companies that make wellbeing at work a strategic priority out-
perform their competitors. Creating a work environment that prioritises the
psychological and social wellbeing of employees can have a significant impact on
their productivity and performance. When workers feel safe and supported, they are
more likely to be creative, innovative and engaged in their work.

If you’ve heard the phrase ‘Wellbeing in the Workplace’ and don’t know where to
start, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Health and Safety Ireland
(https://www.healthandsafetyirl.ie/). We will lead and assist your company in
implementing wellbeing practices.

If you do one thing…..

If you want to take the first step towards improving your wellbeing, try checking in
with yourself daily. Ask yourself: How am I doing today? How am I feeling? Don’t
judge your answers or immediately try to “fix” how you’re feeling. Just become

Research has proven that emotional awareness leads to greater well-being. Being
aware of your challenging emotions reduces their intensity and allows you to do
something to support yourself in feeling a little better.

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What People Say

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Started working with Fran four years ago and now she looks after all of our health and safety paperwork and training. She is approachable, down to earth, on top of everything and always on the phone when we need her. John Brophy JNL SCAFFOLDING
Couldn’t recommend Frances highly enough. Very professional service with serious attention to detail. She knows what we need before we do! She looks after all our paperwork, records, training, certification etc. She put a system in place for us and she monitors it and keeps everything and everyone in line! Keith Murphy AVALON CONVEYOR COMPONENTS
Professional service that hasn’t cost me the earth! I call on Fran for updates or method statements or if I am asked for something specific for health and safety. She is always so helpful and practical; she works out solutions on site and puts the paperwork together for me. Even though I only call on her when I need her, she actually feels like one of the lads. Martin Bennett COOLRAIN CONCRETE
I was starting from scratch when I contacted Fran for a Health and Safety Statement. I thought it would be just a one-off need but as I have gotten different jobs, I have needed method statements, or extra training and I have always gone back to Fran. I would build all day long but ask me to do paperwork and I would run a mile! Fran makes it all so easy, there is no fuss, just an easy going get the job done attitude. Mark Fortune KEY CONSTRUCTION

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